circles SUP for Kids

This project has selected the topic ‘promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development’.
Stand up paddling is a fairly new sport which has not been accessible for the larger public yet.
Stand up paddling is a sport which is done on the water (sea, canals, lakes etc.) with a board and a paddle. As you have to stay balanced all the time and use your whole body to paddle, this is an
all body workout. Since there is no official infrastructure, like there is for soccer or rowing,
the basic knowledge about the sport is poor. Also, because it is impossible to do without a basic instruction.

This project wants to change this situation.

The need for a project in stand up paddling is clear. The sport is rather new and even though
it has been growing the last years, it still hasn’t been accessible to the larger population. This project will teach children in elementary or vocational schools how they have to paddle. This has
positive effects on children as it is a very good exercise, a good promotion for water sports,
it is even a relaxing sport, where you can enjoy being outside. With health and exercise
problems with children nowadays, introducing them to a new sport can improve this situation.

Guidebook on how to create clinics for children

How to find funding for children’s SUP Clinics

How to start a SUP School from scratch

Check the pictures from Leeuwarden here, from Ljubljana here,
from Pescara here and from Derry here.

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