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In the Dutch culture we have three main moments to eat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our breakfast consists of milk, coffee and bread. Besides ham, cheese or marmelade, we also have breakfast with peanutbutter or ‘hagelslag’, this is made of chocolate and you can sprinkle this on your bread. Instead of bread you can also have breakfast with yoghurt and fruit.

Dutch people eat lunch around 12:00/12:30. We do not take a lot of time for lunch, usually half an hour. An interesting thing that you will find here is that most employees of companies actually bring their own food for lunch. Usually this meal also contains bread.

Finally, Dutch people have dinner between 17:00/19:00. This is relatively early compared to other countries. At this time we eat a warm meal, usually containing 1 or 2 courses. At the supermarket you practically can get everything you want. Furthermore, if you are vegetarian, you don’t have to worry, because we have plenty of food available without meat.

Typical snacks 

A typical dutch snack is ‘stroopwafel’. This is a cookie which has caramel in the middle. If you visit Leeuwarden, you have to try this!

In Leeuwarden we have one famous ice cream place, so if you love icecream, you have to visit La Venezia. This place is located at the Nieuweburen in the city center. A definite place to go!

Going out in Leeuwarden

If you want to go out in Leeuwarden you should be aware of some things. First of all, the bars are open until 5 in the morning, however the doors close at 3:00 am. This means that before 3:00 in the morning you can go to every bar you want, but after 3:00 you have to stay inside the bar and cannot go to another bar.

Secondly, you are not allowed to smoke inside bars. You can smoke outside or in a special area in a bar specifically for smoking.


20 June 2018
circles Living in Leeuwarden

There are different accomodations available for students that come to Leeuwarden.
Usually, students will be living in a residence. We have different kinds of rooms available, sometimes including a kitchen and bathroom. Otherwise the kitchen en bathrooms are shared.

The accomodation is very close to the citycenter, this also means that everything is within a 10 minutes bike ride. The supermarkets, shops, restaurants, our office and usually also the companies are close.



We also have the opportunity to let people sleep in a boat, for bigger groups this is especially useful.
The stylish boat is one of the most interesting way of living.

From the outside, the boat doesn’t look so big, but when you take a look inside, you will see that it is big enough for groups of people.

13 June 2018
circles Amsterdam

One of the best trips outside of Leeuwarden is going to Amsterdam.
De Plannenmakers provides you with the traintickets and a program of several things
that you are going to do during the visit in Amsterdam.

First, you will go to Madame Tussaud, which is a wax museum.
It has a lot of wax figures of different celebrities. You will not only get the chance to
take a picture with George Clooney, or Messi, but you can also find out which celebrities the Dutch have.



After that, you will go to Amsterdam Dungeon. Where the history of Amsterdam is
told in an interactive and funny way. The last attraction of the program is a boat trip,
through the canals of Amsterdam. A lot of things about Amsterdam are told and
this is really relaxing after Madame Tussaud and the Dungeon.

Ofcourse, there is always some time to wander around Amsterdam yourself and find out
what kind of things Amsterdam has to offer for you!

13 June 2018
circles Boats

If you want to have a tour through Leeuwarden, but do not want to walk, a boat trip is the perfect way to check out Leeuwarden. At the beginning of your stay in Leeuwarden, we provide you with the opportunity to see Leeuwarden from the canals. In comparison with paddling, you will not get wet in the boat and you can make some pictures of Leeuwarden.


Even though the canals are sometimes a little bit small, the boat is very easy to ride and everybody can be the captain.

13 June 2018
circles Paddle

When you are in Leeuwarden, one of the activities you can do is paddling. It is a mix of being sportive and touristic at the same time. It can be a good workout and you can see Leeuwarden through the canals.


You shouldn’t worry if you don’t know how to paddle. There are instructors that will teach you some basics from profesional paddling, so that you can stand on the paddle board without taking a swim in the water.

13 June 2018
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