circles Amsterdam

One of the best trips outside of Leeuwarden is going to Amsterdam.
De Plannenmakers provides you with the traintickets and a program of several things
that you are going to do during the visit in Amsterdam.

First, you will go to Madame Tussaud, which is a wax museum.
It has a lot of wax figures of different celebrities. You will not only get the chance to
take a picture with George Clooney, or Messi, but you can also find out which celebrities the Dutch have.



After that, you will go to Amsterdam Dungeon. Where the history of Amsterdam is
told in an interactive and funny way. The last attraction of the program is a boat trip,
through the canals of Amsterdam. A lot of things about Amsterdam are told and
this is really relaxing after Madame Tussaud and the Dungeon.

Ofcourse, there is always some time to wander around Amsterdam yourself and find out
what kind of things Amsterdam has to offer for you!